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Actuarial Science Degree

The major is an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to use advanced technical and analytical skills to solve important business problems. The Department of Finance in the Ivy College of Business offers a major in actuarial science. Students will complete the business general education requirements , supporting courses/major prerequisites, business core requirements for the bachelor of science (B.S.) degree, and 29 additional credits in the major. Students interested in an actuarial science major should have four years of college preparatory mathematics in high school. While it is not necessary to take calculus in high school, the department offers an advanced placement program to receive credit for one or two calculus courses by taking the Advanced Placement Exam while in high school.

Admission is based on grades in specific prerequisite courses, the student’s cumulative grade-point average, and other criteria. Property and casualty insurance companies tend to specialize because of the complexity and diversity of risks. Personal lines of insurance are for individuals and include fire, auto, homeowners, theft and umbrella coverages. Commercial lines address the insurance needs of businesses and include property, business continuation, product liability, fleet/commercial vehicle, workers compensation, fidelity & surety, and D&O insurance.

It’s such a rare skill to teach yourself something new from such technical material, but it’s a hallmark of the LVC actuarial degree. In many countries, actuaries must demonstrate their competence by passing a series of rigorous professional examinations.

The actuarial science major is housed in the Department of Mathematics but offers interdisciplinary experience to all students. The intent of the program is to prepare students for careers as actuaries, who assess risk and operate in variety of insurance, financial and consulting environments. Admission to the actuarial science program requires completing prerequisite courses in calculus, computer science, linear algebra, probability, statistics, economics, and financial mathematics.

Because of their strong industry connections, our faculty ensure that you gain the skills and expertise that employers are seeking. With a bachelor’s degree in actuarial science, you can begin a professional actuarial career. In this program, you will learn the mathematical and statistical skills used in the actuarial profession, along with the necessary computer skills you’ll need to carry out actuarial tasks in a variety of professional fields. You’ll also learn about the actuarial profession and what skills and services actuaries provide to their clients and employers. We have had lots of success with students pursuing other statistics and finance related careers as actuarial science majors as well as math majors. The Department of Mathematics faculty members are excellent and dedicated teachers.

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